You guys were a dream team. Everyone was commenting on how nice you both were and a great help to get organised. Just got round to looking at the photos and they are amazing. Chris & Sarah

About Us

Hello, we are Jenni and Tony. More recently Mr & Mrs Russell, yey! We met at a beach party in Findhorn way back in 2010 and fell in love pretty much instantly. We now live in a little cottage in Maryburgh, enjoying village life. Oh and we have a beautiful wire haired Dachshund called Keller. Our biggest passion is being outdoors; snowboarding, climbing, wild camping, walking (not to far though, Keller only has wee legs) and just generally getting out and about to see new places!
We love to travel and usually have a case of wanderlust. We are on a local mission as well though and that is to visit every inhabited island in Scotland. So far we have completed the Outer Hebrides with a dedicated trip to each island. No island hopper for us! Finally we are going to Cuba. Jenni’s Grandad was from Santiago and studied in Havana, so we are headed there soon for our honeymoon, a place we have waited a long time to visit. To relax, Tony enjoys fishing and napping. Jenni loves working on her art or lazing on the couch with Keller and her knitting needles. More recently she has got back into the swing of shooting on film, just for fun.


Jenni has been taking photographs since she was given her first film camera for her ninth birthday. It was green with a tiger on it!

Upon finishing high school she went on to study Professional Photography for three years in Glasgow, graduating in 2007.
Jenni started photographing weddings casually for friends and family and then worked for a Wedding Photographer in Stirling for a year.

After meeting in 2010, it didn’t take long before Tony took an interest in photography too, Jenni started teaching him the art and he became very passionate about it. After a couple of wedding shoots together in 2012 they realised this was what they wanted to do and Highland Wedding Photography was born!