About Us

Hello, we are Jenni and Tony. Husband and wife photography duo. We met at a beach party in Findhorn eight years ago and fell in love pretty much instantly. We now live in a little cottage in Maryburgh, near Inverness. Enjoying married life in a quiet village, with our gorgeous wee boy, Hamish, and two beautiful wire haired Dachshunds, Keller and Peigi.

Our biggest passion is being outdoors; snowboarding, climbing, wild camping and just generally getting out and about to see new places. That makes us sound very athletic, we aren’t – we also love the couch and biscuits.

Inverness wedding photography duoInverness wedding photography duo
We love to travel and usually have a case of wanderlust. This includes seeing as much of our own country; Scotland has so many beautiful spots, though we tend to veer West. So far we have camped on every main island in the Outer Hebrides and are now working on the Inner’s.

We spent our honeymoon in Cuba. It was quite the experience, and a bit of a struggle for a fussy vegetarian, but we had an amazing time.

To relax, Tony enjoys fishing and napping.

Jenni loves working on her art, looking after her plants and lazing at home with the kids. More recently she has got back into the swing of shooting on film, just for fun.